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Kanesha is a mom of 5 with 1 in heaven, and a fashion lover.


She eats chocolate daily and loves a good cocktail. She loves reading, the outdoors, and all things mom life.


She shares her life experiences to help better other women. Taking what she learns and applying it to the business she hopes to inspire you to live your best life. 

Join in with Kanesha on her weekly podcast Testify Tuesday! Every week is tackles the hard subjects you want to hear about! 

Kanesha founded her own health & wellness CBD line in 2020. Even through the middle of a pandemic she wanted to reach humanity through purposeful wellness.

In addition to the CBD line her own downloadable meditations & affirmations will leave you feeling empowered! Click here to learn more...

Dedicated to wellness, loving oneself & creating a life you always dreamed of is her mission. 

Love & Light always...welcome to journey!


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