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Affirmation: I can do the hard things.

This week was one for testing my patience and self belief.

This week I learned how to jump off my car! I had never even opened a hood before! I learned to how change the batteries in my smoke alarm. I also learned how to play hard ball with contractors. This is my season of getting my house in order. I am fixing things up, cleaning things up, and learning my own power. I learned how to ask for help, how increase my vibration, and how to trust myself again.

Pool liner is being replaced today after being told it was be 3-4 weeks before it would be installed so I had to hustle up the money in 34 hours , but it’s done, so pool parties all summer long! It was another reminder of trusting myself that it will always work out for my good, even when it doesn’t feel good.

For so long someone else did so many things for me.

Learning how to maintenance my home, my car and my body has been so empowering. Can’t wait to write about it. I’m still in awe of myself this week that I can’t even put it into words.

Growth is such a painful process sometimes. But it’s exactly what I needed.

Affirmation: I can do the hard things.


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