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Grow Baby Grow!

Y’all just don’t understand I thinned my hair in 2018 and had to start completely over. I cut all my hair off in July of 2020. It was growing beautifully until it wasn’t. I started experiencing bald spots September 2020. One spot grew to two spots grew to three spots. The spots were extremely sensitive to touch and the hair wasn’t growing back at all! My stylist Brandi Danielle was doing all she could! I made doctors appts and was trying to manage my stress levels.

Let’s take this a little deeper. Your hair is your crown and mine was coming off and coming out.

December of 2020 I reset my mindset. Upped my iron, starting back working out, started a higher dose of biotin, invested into a great liquid vitamin and I started speaking life to my crown. Telling her she was think and beautiful. How I loved her just the way she was and this wasn’t the end for us. I focused on my hydration. My mediation, and nourishing my body.

This growth is a reminder that when patchy you have be a beautiful mess. If you trust the process you will gain something better than you had before.

Stress can kill you people! And apparently take all your hair out! Today I graduate. My hair is strong enough to get a low tension protective style of braids and I’m so excited for it it’s been a long road fighting to get these braids. My stylist gave me her blessing and I’m ready!

Trust your process! Listen to your gut. Lean in and listen to your body. If you can’t change what’s happening around you, focus on changing what’s happening within you!


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