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Reflect. Renew. Rebirth.

Reflect. Renew. Rebirth. Cheers to new beginnings in this new moon cycle.

Last night I grounded and just walked the ground grounding. Reconnecting with my center and making sure I was aligned. I wrote out front and back manifesting what I want. Then I sat and read the paper out loud to feel it in my soul. I cleanse cried. I manifested. I visualizing what I want my life to look like. I adding in a grateful moment of celebrating where I was and where I am. I celebrated all the progress that’s being made. I grieved for my daughter and allowed myself to be present in that too.

So many will never understand how difficult it is planning your life with one of your children missing.

Energy creates abundance. Intention ignites vision. 7 years ago I manifested the life I have now while living in roaches and suffering from depression. Getting comfortable being uncomfortable is where the true growth lies.

You are magical. You are important. You make a difference. You matter. Your dreams are possible. The vision is not too big the people around you just think too small. Rose up in this new energy as your best self. Move as if it’s already yours. Live with with Expectancy that all things work together for your good. And watch your life change. Watch you achieve all the things within your heart.

See it. Dream it. Write it. Plan it. Do it. Rinse and repeat

 The time has moved forward. It’s time that you do too!


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